Aikido Power Based On One simple Physics Rule

Aikido Ki Power

Aikido Power, as anyone who has experienced it can attest, is an amazing thing. You will see it in ki power demonstrations, and, for that matter, any of the basic aikido throws. What surprises people is that the apparent complexity and majesty is all based on one, very simple, physics concept.

amazing ki demonstration
O Sensei puts on Amazing Ki Demonstration

aikido classes  todayTo better understand this aikido concept, one needs to look to sayings of Aikido Founder Morihei Ueshiba. “If your opponent tries to pull you, let him pull. Don’t pull against him; pull in unison with him.” An examination of this simple aikido saying will reveal the truth and the secrets of this magnificent Martial Art.

The universe, all of it, is made up of things that fly around. Still, wherever there is motion, one look for the source. The source of all motion is the human being.

The aikidoka stands still in the center. An object (a body) flies towards him. This is a piece of the universe in motion, and he must not destroy it, but rather help it in its path.

To stand and encounter the collision is to create impact, is to create destruction. To give way, to help the universe move, that is creative. Do you think God is more creative or destructive?

In a perfectly balanced universe, he is both. In the world of humans there is inflow balanced by outflow. Thus, the creativity of Nage, placed in conjunction with the destructiveness of Uke, creates a perfectly balanced universe.

Thus, to do perfect Aikido, to achieve true Aikido Power, one need merely put aside emotion and distraction and be willing to enter into a perfect equation with incoming force. In this way the person will eventually be lead to divine the intent and geometry of the thought, of the person behind the attack. You must not push against, but receive, pull with, accept the universe as it is and let it be, and then you will join not just in physics, but in spirit. And this is the true secret behind O Sensei’s words.

Remember this in your Aikido training; remember to seek the truth of and to live in O Sensei’s simple, but profound advices. Do not fight the universe, help it…with simple equation and an open heart. Do this and you will journey to the heart of Aikido; do this, manifest the one simple physics of learning to agree with your opponent, to help him in his pushes and pulls, and you will find the truth of Aikido Power is a simple truth.

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