Five Steps Necessary to Develop Secret Chi Energy

 Chi Power for All!

The Great Mystery of the Martial Arts is Secret Chi Energy. While some fighting disciplines are more concerned with how to beat people up, the advanced martial artist is always concerned with how to develop chi energy. This is the province of Tai Chi, Pa Kua, Aikido, and other such arts.

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To really make any progress in this matter one needs to understand several things which don’t appear to always be martial arts related. These things are core to the human being, and crucial to understand the real mysteries of life. Thus, read carefully, for the real truth is before you.

One, you are unique, a human being, a dot of awareness in the cosmos. Many people think they are bodies, but this is false. A body is a vehicle, nothing more, nothing less.

Two, the thrust of the human being is to bring order out of chaos. This is a desire for structure which pushes the human experience. Indeed, one’s very survival hinges upon ones ability to bring order out of chaos.

Three, the universe is a motor. This means that everything has two sides, and if you want to make the universe work, and this means if you want to generate and use chi energy, you need to understand how to make the two sides (of anything) work.

Four, the martial arts is the absolute best discipline for learning how to make motors work. This is because one learns first for the body, and then can apply those teachings to the rest of life. Unfortunately, this is not known, except on the most general (and obscure) terms.

Five, you’re going to have to seek out the martial arts science which teaches with these points in mind. This is the most difficult of all the steps, for the martial arts, being a path of knowledge, have been obscured and mushed by and endless variety of people with vested interest, or, sad to say, people of mean spirit who wish to obscure the path. Still, there is a way to resolve the mess, find the science, and express your true potential as a human being.

These five steps are the martial discipline at their most pure, and they are yet more than martial arts. For the goal of martial arts is merely to open the door, and the realization of your true potential, of finding the key to this secret chi energy will lead you past the door, into a realm hitherto not accessible to the people of earth. Thus, whether tai chi or pa kua, whether even Kung Fu or Karate, the chi mystery will fall, and the universe will do as you bid.

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