Mystical Aikido Ki  Power

Mystical Aikido Ki  Power, sort of an oxymoron, eh?

Aikido is not about power, it is about…uh, isn’t ki sort of a power? And if you try to separate ki from aikido you are left with what? Tricks? Techniques with a unifying force?

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Aikido technique for the upright warrior!

So I was working out in the dojo late one night. It was a summer night, and classes had ended and the regular students had gone home, and there was only a half a dozen of us die hard types left doing rolls and break falls and sweeping our arms–and each other–in beautiful arcs and circles.

One of the advanced black belts came out of the office and stepped onto the mat. Seeing us working so industriously, he sauntered over to us with a grin.

“You guys want to see some levitation?”

We all chuckled, we thought him just pulling our legs; we were too pragmatic to believe in such fol de rol; we didn’t know he was about to show us some real Aikido Ki Power.

He had one of us bring a folding chair out onto the mat, then he chose one of us, the largest, to have a seat. Two of us inserted a single finger under the sitter’s armpits, and two of us put a single finger each under his knees.

“Okay,” said the advanced Black Belt, “Now lift him.”

Well, we all tried our best. But it was a silly thing. There was no possible way we could lift him, and everybody knew it. The fellow sitting in the chair just laughed.

Four fingers trying to lift a couple of hundred pounds? No way this was going to happen!

The Black Belt merely said, “Okay, now take the hands you used to try and lift him, and place them on his head. Don’t press down, just let your hands lay with no effort.”

We dutifully stacked our single and unsuccessful hands upon his head.

“Now be silent.”

We all went silent, and the Black Belt stared at the clock on the wall. After one minute he said, “Lift!”

We each placed a finger under a knee or armpit, and we…THREW HIM AT THE CEILING!

He squawked and windmilled his limbs frantically! He went well over our heads, maybe eight or nine feet in the air, and we had to catch him when he came down.

Since then I have come across a lot of other ways to show aikido ki power, but that first one really blew me away.

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