Learning Aikido Through the Five Steps of Matrixing

 Learning Aikido with a New and Different Method

Learning Aikido usually takes decades. Matrixing is a more scientific method for learning Aikido, and quite a bit faster.  This article represents the philosophical arrangement of steps, which mirror the art of Matrix Aikido.

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Learning aiki arts the classical method
Such gentle brutality.

The first step  is that you must not resist your opponent. This is a classical concept, and points up that my methodology does not deviate from classical concepts. When the attacker comes in, you give way, go with, do not resist, and if you do this then his resistance to your entering his technique will disappear.

There is a second half to this concept of not resisting, and it is to not resist yourself. The interesting thing is that this concept does not have to be explained in any way. The fact that one stop resisting an opponent makes one stop resisting oneself naturally, as part of the whole procedure of learning Matrix Aikido.

The second concept in learning Matrix Aikido is that you must learn to mirror your attacker’s moves. In the beginning, this means that if he steps forward with the right foot and punches with the right hand, you step forward with the right foot and the right hand in order to blend with him and make your technique work. The odd thing is that the concept of mirroring can be done with either side, the right or the left, regardless of whether the attacker attacks with the right or the left.

The third concept in Matrix Aikido evolves naturally from the second, and it is learning how to take charge. By not resisting one can perceive, by perceiving, one can mirror, and by mirroring, one can take charge of the action. This is a crucial step in Matrix Aikido, as it involves very real changes to the student’s psyche.

The fourth concept is to become your opponent. As you do not resist his technique, you must learn not to resist him. This is a very spiritual level in which one learns to love his enemies as a cornerstone of the Aiki arts.

The fifth concept in Matrix Aikido is to become the art. As you do not resist, and learn to blend and merge with an opponent, you learn to submerge yourself in art. This is a separate universe which is not perceived by normal human beings, and yet it is a universe to which all should aspire.

In conclusion, this universe is built upon strife, conflict, and the never ending contention between mankind. Yet, it does not have to be this way. The True Way, whether through the decades it takes to learn the classical martial method, or the months it takes to learn Matrix Aikido, is open to the man or woman who opens their heart to this very special reality.

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