The Real Truth of the Universe and O Sensei Aikido

Morihei Uyeshiba, O Sensei of Aikido fame, is the person who experienced enlightenment. It is he who organized and arranged his martial art, thus, the aikido Ueshiba created is the true Aikido. Well, sort of.

This question, concerning the nature of the Real Aikido, is the question that confuses students of Japanese Aikido, budo aikido, and all the various offshoots. There are so many different schools, you see, and they can’t all be the truth, right? And this question, of there being many variations and interpretations, does itself question the validity of the Aikido of schools everywhere, for if the founder was right, then how could there be interpretation?

The concern can be resolved if one considers the truth of the universe. Morihei Uyeshiba, you see, perceived the truth of the universe from his particular viewpoint, and he did an incredible job of representing that truth with his art. But if one considers the truth of the universe as a single datum one can approach the art from an individually enlightened viewpoint, and not just from one man’s viewpoint of enlightenment.

Just so you know, I mean no disrespect to the founder of Aikido, indeed, I have the highest regard, and I believe he would want me to question, and not just robot the techniques as the end all. He was not one to do aikido robotically, after all, he was an innovator of genius magnitude. I think he would want real students to duplicate him on that level, as well as the level of endless and intense practice.

That all said, the truth of the universe, as shown by the yin yang symbol, and defined Neutronically, is: for something to be true the opposite must also be true. We can take this statement apart endlessly in philosophical lights. The art being one of doingness and action, however, we must consider the truth of the universe as it applies to techniques, from the aikido basics onward.

When an attacker launches his aggressive move, the defender must perceive the move. To perceive the move not as just an incoming missile, though that is necessary, but as a completed motion in his own mind. Thus, the defender must see the entire picture of the motion, must possess the entire sequence of pictures in his mind.

Once the mental picture is complete, and at the same time as execution, the defender must mirror the move. Right to left or right to right, the mirror of action will fit the attack much the same as a tailored glove will fit a hand, and the defensive attack will envelope the actuality of the attack in the real universe. If this is accomplished, then you are practicing the Morihei Uyeshiba Aikido as he saw it in his moment of enlightenment.

There is perfection in this method, you see. Perfection of action, and of mind, and of technique. The good news is that this procure can be applied to the art of Saito Aikido, Aikido Aikikai, or any other variation of the founder’s vision, the founder’s viewpoint was that close to perfection.

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