Learning Aikido has never  been Easier!

o sensei studio I have been teaching Matrix Aikido since 2007, and the wins I have received from people regarding this course have been astounding.

But, there are a few people who probably should not be purchasing this course.

There is a short video down the page, but right now let me explain this course so you can better understand what you are getting into.

Is this Classic Aikido?

Morihei ueshiba studioNo. Classical Aikido gives you techniques, and slowly hones you towards a central concept. This central concept has never been expressed in Aikido, except in the most mystical terms.

I give you the central concept, in non-mystical terms, and let you develop Aikido on your own. I have analogized this to Classical Aikido giving you branches until you find the trunk, and Matrix Aikido giving you the trunk and letting you find the branches.

In all respects my method is MUCH faster, and MUCH more efficient and functional. But you will lack much of the stylistic movements of the classical. This can be rectified by studying classical Aikido at the same time as you do Matrix Aikido, and cross training so that you get the best of both worlds.

Can Matrix Aikido be used in fighting?

ueshiba aikido swordYes. A resounding yes. Aikido is derived from martial arts that were designed for the battlefield. Over time, and with O Sensei’s innovations (O Sensei is Morihei Ueshiba), Aikido became more of a religion than a fighting art.

I do not oppose this evolution, i support it, but it is unarguable that peace is faster attained through understanding the function of combat.

Simply, if you are competent and can make it work, you will be more willing to accept the ‘harmony’ of Aikido. This is supported by the example of O Sensei himself.

How does Matrix Aikido relate to other martial arts?

o sensei aiki throwIf you are an experienced martial artist you will find that Matrix Aikido is not only instantly understandable and usable, but that it ‘plugs in’ to other martial arts.

This is to say that you can, at the end of a Karate technique, make an Aikido throw or lock.

You will also be able to begin a Matrix Aikido move, and if you find that it is lacking in some respect (you haven’t practiced it enough), you can instantly change to another art you may know.

If you are a beginner you should seek out an Aikido school, and get Matrix Aikido to study along with it.

I’ve got many years of Classical Aikido. How can Matrixing help me?

way of harmony techniqueMatrixing is a method, it is a logic and a way of analyzing and handling force and direction (flow). Force and Flow describe the actions of the universe, so to answer your question, it may make your method of teaching much more interesting and concise, and definitely help you get students to understand concepts.

HOWEVER, this depends on you. I have had aikido practitioners hail my methods, and I have had them denigrate them. So it depends on you, and how flexible your mind is. Can you innovate? Or are you stuck in one method?

How can you change the method and call it Aikido?

ki principleMethods of making cars have changed over the years, and cars have gotten better and better. Methods of teaching children have changed over the years, and usually gotten worse. So change happens. the real question here is whether you can take change, whether you can take my method, and apply it to yourself and make a better you.

The course consists of a video of a seminar in which I teach Matrix Aikido to four students, and a short book (40 pages) detailing the method of Matrix Aikido.

You should know that the book includes the core techniques, how to apply them, and a complete structure for promotions to black belt and beyond.

Here are the paypal buttons.

The first paypal button is for physical DVDs and CD, which will be mailed to you.

The second paypal button is for instant download. You may download the seminar from youtube and burn it on disk; you may print the book onto CD or make paper copy of it.

Here is the paypal button for the physical DVD and CD disks of the course…($39.95)

paypal button

Here is the paypal button for the instant download of the course…($29.95)

paypal button

Here is a short video. Bear in mind that this was done in 80 minutes. The student’s movements are not polished, but if I can do this in 80 minutes, polish will happen within a month or two.

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